ICBM – The Deal and the Launch Schedule

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So something new and unique happened in the comic book industry, two of the leading independent comic book publishers; Chariot Comics & Meta Desi Presents, joined hands to form a unique imprint banner – ICBM comics.

But what does this mean? Have we merged? Are we one? Well yes and no…

What we’ve done is come together as one to publish together under the ICBM banner, and this allows us to be bigger and better; while keeping our individual titles, creative approaches and philosophies intact. This helps us work together, optimize, help each other out and even do crossovers (and everyone loves crossovers don’t they!).

In case you would like to read more, Akshay and I, we’ve explained a lot in the Animation express article, which you can read over here: <Article>

Now onto the juicy part! You’ve all been asking us about our release schedules, when the next VRICA or Ground Zero comes out etc. etc.. To answer all your questions here’s the launch schedule for Meta Desi and Chariot under ICBM Comics till early next year!

ICBM Logo copy

ICBM Comic Title Sub-Publisher  Launch
Love me like a Psycho Robot Meta Desi Comics September 2014

(at 3rd Bangalore Comic Con)

Damned #2: Demons in the Woods (digital single – free download) Chariot Comics September 2014
Ground Zero: Volume 3 Meta Desi Comics October 2014

(at 2nd Hyderabad Comic Con)

Damned: Search for Karki

(digital single – free download)

Chariot Comics October 2014
VRICA: Reign of the Wolf

(digital double issue)

Chariot Comics November, 2014
Damned: Genesis
(digital single)
Chariot Comics December/January 2014
Ground Zero: Volume 4 Meta Desi Comics February
(Annual India Comic Con 2015)
Damned Compilation
(Graphic Novel)
Chariot Comics February
(Annual India Comic Con 2015)
VRICA/Super-Soldier Squad Crossover Chariot/Meta-Desi May 2015 (tentative)


We can’t stress enough how excited we are about the release schedule, especially the extremely kickass Love Me like a Psycho Robot by the House of Meta Desi that’s up first. More on that in the next post! Stay tuned!


Aniruddho Chakraborty
House of Chariot



Published by chariotcomics

Chariot Comics is the newest landmark in the Indian comic book industry - one of the first few to comic lines to exist completely in the digital domain. Established in March 2008, Chariot Comics aims to usher in a new era in the rapidly growing Indian comic book industry with free digital comics that deal with contemporary themes relevant to our world today; juxtaposed against an Indian reality with a heavy dose of comic book fantasy and fun. In March 2010, the first set of heroes will be born in the Chariot Comics universe with the release of the first comic Line V.R.I.C.A. Upcoming lines include CABBIE and two other (as yet unnamed) titles. Chariot Comics with its launch has also introduced the revolutionary ‘Your Shot’ which encourages anyone and everyone to participate in the collaborative process and get a chance to see their original concepts come to life in the graphic format. Chariot Comics welcomes you to the future of Indian Comics - and everyone gets their shot at it. Spread the word!

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