Rise of the Wolf


Yes, right – we haven’t been around for a while – but guess what, Comic Con season is coming and we’re gearing up for something big!

Yeah, VRICA: Ascension Protocol is on its way and we’ve been teasing a lot of that in our social channels here and here. We know it’s more than a year late – we promised 2014 and now we’re sitting in 2015 and yet to launch. But we won’t apologize, instead we’ll tell you why.
The first and foremost reason was the fact that we hit a creative block. For those of you who have read Dawn of the Wolf (If you haven’t, get it here or here) – you would understand what we tried to do with the ending. A little bit of spoilers here – but we went all out creatively, to give you a game changing climax, something that would give you (as readers) and us (as creators) both a “f**k, did that just happen!” moment. And we did. And we’re glad that you loved it too.

But as creators, where did we want to go from there? That was a difficult task to figure out. Do we tell a more focused, more personal story? Do we move to origins? Or do we do something even more epic. It took us nearly a year to figure it out – and I think we have hit the middle path, somewhere between: deeply personal and quite epic.

Also – while VRICA started out as what would many assume was the Indian G I Joe (which we pitched it as such ourselves) once we ended Dawn of the Wolf; we realized it was time to move beyond that, on to the type of storytelling we really wanted to do. Things you haven’t seen before, here or elsewhere.

So, before we delve more into what Ascension Protocol is all about in our next blog (and we promise we will be regular here on out!) Thanks for waiting around, we appreciate it – and this September, at Hyderabad Comic Con, where we launched our first GN; VRICA: ASCENSION PROTOCOL PART 1 launches – a 2 part epic, 2 years in the making!

See you around!



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