Damned #1: Vampire Monks of Piyang

Vampire Monks of Piyang
INR 150  

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The year is 2020 and the mysterious and enigmatic duo of Anga and Morphuz are hurtling down towards the Indo-China border in their desi truck. Not much is known about their origins or their intentions, save the fact that Anga has in his possession the Blue Lotus Crystal and both of them are meta-humans with very high levels of powers.

Some say Anga and Morphuz are old gods-  that cannot be confirmed. What is known is that Morphuz has a pretty bad credit rating and is quite poor.


Writer: Aniruddho Chakraborty
Artist:  Tarun Kumar Sahu & Tadam Gyadu
Format: Paperback
Year: 2016
MRP: INR 150

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  1. Akash Pal says:

    love your comics bro

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