Damned #1: Vampire Monks of Piyang

Damned: Vampire Monks of Piyang INR 150   + Free shipping The year is 2020 and the mysterious and enigmatic duo of Anga and Morphuz are hurtling down towards the Indo-China border in their desi truck. Not much is known about their origins or their intentions, save the fact that Anga has in his possession theContinue reading “Damned #1: Vampire Monks of Piyang”

Zombie Rising Vol 1

ZOMBIE RISING VOL 1. INR 80 (100)   + Free shipping   Zombie Rising is a graphic novel tie-in to India’s first zombie origins feature film Rise of the Zombie (starring Luke Kenny & Benjamin Gilani); written by Devaki Singh. From Chariot Comics & Luminosity Pictures comes a dark, gory and terrifying zombie horror thriller comic Zombie Rising, whichContinue reading “Zombie Rising Vol 1”

Rise of the Wolf

Yes, right – we haven’t been around for a while – but guess what, Comic Con season is coming and we’re gearing up for something big! Yeah, VRICA: Ascension Protocol is on its way and we’ve been teasing a lot of that in our social channels here and here. We know it’s more than aContinue reading “Rise of the Wolf”

ICBM – The Deal and the Launch Schedule

So something new and unique happened in the comic book industry, two of the leading independent comic book publishers; Chariot Comics & Meta Desi Presents, joined hands to form a unique imprint banner – ICBM comics. But what does this mean? Have we merged? Are we one? Well yes and no… What we’ve done isContinue reading “ICBM – The Deal and the Launch Schedule”

Special session with John Layman of Chew fame at Comic Con India 2014

Watch our founder Aniruddho Chakraborty in a special session with John Layman of Chew fame at Comic Con India 2014. John Layman, one of the best new writers in the scene talks about everything, from Chew and food, to hollywood and how to make it as a writer in the comic book world.

Counterpoint: For the Love of Comics Stop Whining!

Comic Con India 2014 (Delhi) was fantastic! There! I said it. As an independent comic book publisher, there’s not a platform I love more to showcase our work at Chariot Comics than Comic Con and if there’s apprehension on the overall sales of comics etc., worry not, Dilliwaalas seemingly have deeply lined pockets, even forContinue reading “Counterpoint: For the Love of Comics Stop Whining!”