Zombie Rising Vol 1

ZOMBIE RISING VOL 1. INR 80 (100)   + Free shipping   Zombie Rising is a graphic novel tie-in to India’s first zombie origins feature film Rise of the Zombie (starring Luke Kenny & Benjamin Gilani); written by Devaki Singh. From Chariot Comics & Luminosity Pictures comes a dark, gory and terrifying zombie horror thriller comic Zombie Rising, whichContinue reading “Zombie Rising Vol 1”

Special session with John Layman of Chew fame at Comic Con India 2014

Watch our founder Aniruddho Chakraborty in a special session with John Layman of Chew fame at Comic Con India 2014. John Layman, one of the best new writers in the scene talks about everything, from Chew and food, to hollywood and how to make it as a writer in the comic book world.

VRICA – Dawn of the Wolf: A Review by Devang Sanghrajka

So the first reviews of VRICA: Dawn of the Wolf graphic novel are pouring in! Here’s what Devang Sanghrajka had to say about the book – and it certainly made our day! Read on for the full review:   When I ordered VRICA through Popcracker, I was disappointed because my Googling didn’t turn up anyContinue reading “VRICA – Dawn of the Wolf: A Review by Devang Sanghrajka”

Mediocrity Not a Superhero Makes….

“If there’s anything you should detest at this point is mediocrity” It was a pleasant August evening, and my parents and I had just bumped into our Headmaster, who with his imposing 6 foot plus figure was a quite a sight, as he took his rounds on the main field. To put everything in context,Continue reading “Mediocrity Not a Superhero Makes….”