In the Media

Well, yes we do get a lot of love in the media, from some of the top Dailies and feature publications, including:

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Want to talk to one of the hottest indie Indian comic publisher out there on all things comic book? Drop in a line to us at 

Coverage Gallery

Check out the photo gallery below to see glimpses of our events and media coverage


Glimpses from Comic Cons

Comic Con India is the place we love! The place where we get to meet, greet, interact, sell and more than anything else – get together will people who love comic books! Check out some glimpses from Comic Cons over the years!




Videos anyone?

Yeah, who doesn’t like the spotlight? Watch our Founder Aniruddho Chakraborty talk about comic books, the Indian scene and Comic Cons and pretend it’s just the camera adding 10 pounds!


Contact Us

Want to talk to us for some media things? Or generally know about the Indian comic book scene? Drop in a line to us at 

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